Thursday, December 22, 2011

This Week In Rock History

1953—29 year-old Hank Williams Sr. dies of heart failure on his way home from a gig. At the time of his death Williams was in the #1 spot on the Country/Western charts with “I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive

1954—Just days after being named Cashbox Magazine's “Most Promising New Act”, piano player Johnny Ace is accidentally killed playing a game of Russian Roulette backstage after a show.

1964Beach Boy's front-man and primary songwriter Brian Wilson suffers a nervous breakdown on a flight from LA to Houston. He would retire from public performance for nearly 25 years.

1964—In response to the growing trend of long hair on men, The Rolling Stones take out a full-page ad in the New Musical Express wishing a Merry Christmas to the “starving hairdressers.”

1970—Elvis Presley meets with then president Richard Nixon to discuss how he can "help fight drugs." Elvis arranged the meeting after his help was turned down by the head of the narcotics bureau earlier in the day, saying that "only the president could override his decision." Elvis presented Nixon with a chrome plated Colt .45 revolver. In exchange Nixon gave Presley a narcotics bureau badge.

1977Cat Stevens announces that he has converted to Islam and changed his name to Yusef Islam.

1980--An album called "The Wit and Wisdom of Ronald Reagan" was released by Stiff Records. The entire disc contained 40 minutes of silence.

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