Friday, December 16, 2011

Rock History

1953—"I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" by 10 year old Gayla Peevey, was released as a fund-raising effort to buy a hippopotamus for the Oklahoma City Zoo. Oklahomans raised $4,000 for the cause, with much of the money coming from children. The zoo bought a 3-year-old hippo named Matilda who had eight offspring and died in 1998.

1954—Bill Haley & The Commet's “Rock Around The Clock” becomes the first rock-&-roll single to enter the British charts.

1964—A crowd of fans/mourners mob the limousine of James Brown as he attempts to attend the funeral of friend, soul-singer Sam Cooke, forcing Brown to leave without ever getting out of the car.

1977—Elvis Costello & The Attractions appear on the television program Saturday Night Live. Producer Lorne Michaels has refused to allow Costello to perform his hit "Radio, Radio" due to the song's criticism of the broadcasting industry. A few measures into "Less than Zero", Costello halts his group and goes into "Radio, Radio." Costello would not appear on the program for another 25 years, when he would join the Beastie Boys on stage midway through their song "Sabotage", and start playing "Radio, Radio"

1999—Keith Richards decides to keep a guitar that he was asked to autograph outside his birthday party at the Russian Tea Room in New York City. The owner of the guitar decides not to press charges saying, "It's Keith, man." 

2010--Avant-garde rock music pioneer Don Van Vliet, better known by his stage name Captian Beefheart, dies after a long battle with multiple-sclerosis.

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