Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This Week In Rock History

1966—John Lennon meets artist Yoko Ono at the Indica art Gallery in London. Despite Lennon already being married, he and Ono become inseparable, remaining together until Lennon's assassination in 1980.

1966—Scottish folk singer Donovan releases the song “Mellow Yellow.” The song, which would reach #2 on the US pop charts, came about after Donovan suffered a severe case of jaundice in earlier in the year causing his skin to turn a pale yellow color.

1972—A little over a year after The Allman Brother's Band lost Duane Allman in a motorcycle accident, their bassist, 24 year old Berry Oakley was killed when his motorcycle hit a bus, just three blocks away from the site that claimed Duane. At first, Oakley seemed all right, but died twenty minutes after being brought to the hospital.

1974—An impostor posing as Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore borrowed a Porsche in Iowa City and wrecked it, having already conned food and shelter out of several Deep Purple fans. He was later arrested and charged. The real Ritchie Blackmore was playing a concert in San Francisco at the time.

1987—Just like he did in his prime, Sly Stone, shows up over an hour late for his "comeback" concert in Los Angeles. When he finally arrives, he is arrested for non-payment of child support.

2002—Elton John receives Lasik eye surgery, making useless his reported 4000+ pairs of prescription glasses.

2007—47-year-old Boy George was charged by British Police with falsely imprisoning 28-year-old Auden Karlsen, who had gone to the musician's flat as a photo model.

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