Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rock News

Michael Todd, bassist for the band Coheed & Cambria, was arrested on July 10th for allegedly robbing a Walgreen's pharmacy in Mansfield, Massachusetts. Just hours before the band was set to open for Soundgarden at the Comcast Center in Mansfield, Todd is said to have walked into the pharmacy and showed the pharmacist a note taped to his cell
phone saying that he would detonate a bomb if he was not given the painkiller Oxycontin. When told they did not have Oxycontin Todd allegedly replied "“I’ll take your Perc 30s’’ After being given the painkillers Todd took a cab to to the stadium, where he was easily traced through the taxi's dispatcher and arrested without incident. Todd was arraigned the next day.

Foreclosure papers have been issued against singer R. Kelly's multi-million dollar estate in the Chicago suburbs. Kelly has failed to pay on his mortgage for over a year, leading the bank, J.P. Morgan Chase, to foreclose on the property. The house, which Kelly purchased right after the release of his platinum selling album R in 1999, also has a number of liens against it, including nearly $2 million from the department of the treasury. Kelly's most recent album, Love Letters, released in December, has sold less than expected, thus far having only been certified gold.

Former Motorhead guitarist Michael "Wurzel" Burston died on Sunday, July 10th, following a battle with heart disease. Wurzel played with the British heavy metal band for twelve years from 1984-1996, as well as recording two solo albums Bess and Chill Out or Die. He was 61.

Former Queens of the Stone Age and Kyuss bassist Nick Oliveri was arrested early last Wednesday after a domestic dispute led to a standoff with a Los Angeles Police Department SWAT team. Oliveri's girlfriend reports going to their shared home early Wednesday to gather her belongings following a fight, when Oliveri struck her and locked both of them inside the home. Police responded after a neighbor called 911, leading to a tense standoff in which the SWAT team were called. Oliveri negotiated to let his girlfriend go after a couple of hours, and Oliveri surrendered two hours after that. A search of Oliveri's home after the standoff revealed a fully loaded high-powered rifle.

Indie country-rock band Rilo Kiley have announced that they are splitting up after 13 years, after having been on a hiatus since the release of 2007’s Under the Black Light. Blake Sennett, guitarist for the band, said the band would not be getting back together. Sennett said about the split "I just felt like there was a lot of deception, disloyalty, greed and things I don't really want to submit myself to. I had related that frustration to music but I just thought, 'I'm not going to put myself in that position again,' so I said, 'F*&k that, I can't do this anymore." Most of the members have gone on to other projects, with Sennett recording as part of the band The Elected and lead singer Jenny Lewis forming the band Jenny & Johnny with current boyfriend Jonathan

Rapper DMX has been released from an Arizona prison after seven months. DMX was serving a sentence for parole violation after he was spotted drinking alcohol at a concert in Scottsdale last year. DMX plans to resume work on his new album.

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